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Collar Bone tattoos

Collar bone tattoos are preferable by women nad the reason of that fact can probably be the thing that this part of the body do not change its shape even if to gain a lot of weights. This is basically the only part of the body having such feature. Girls love to make collar bone tattoos of a small size, however, that is not a rule. Tattoo ideas for this part of the body usually are different flowers, letterings and small birds.

Men, of course, make collar bone tattoos too. But they prefer to make something big, awesome paintings and the area where a tattoo is placed is not limited with collar bone only. It can start on, for example, neck and finish on the shoulder.

This area is very painful as the skin here is thin and do not have either fat neither muscle layer. However, that is absolutely not an obstacle for tattoo enthusiasts. Such tattoos will express your imagination and draw a lot of attention to your personality.