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Tulip tattoos

Flowers had been always drawing a lot of attention of those, who love to decorate their bodies with beautiful, elegant and unusual body drawings tulip tattoos, for instance. It is hard to imagine anything more beautiful than flowers in our green world! The amount of different shapes, colors, and their shades are impressively infinite in a floral world.
Such tattoos look especially elegant on a tender fragile feminine body, they underline its seductive bends, identifying her with that particular flower she has a tattoo of. However, flower tattoo can also look good on a well-shaped body of a man.

Tulip tattoo is a great way to express one’s appearance as well as the bright inner qualities of characters and unique individual traits. Tattoo is a choice of the open-minded and brave people looking for creative ways of life.

Tulip tattoo is popular among girls. The main meaning of this tattoo is basically a joy. A fragile bud of the flower symbolizes a pleasure one can get from the rich real life, faith into the best, beauty, and tenderness of love. In European culture, the flower is an embodiment of a glory and an ideal reputation.
If the tulip is red it means a passion, and can also suggest that the owner of such tattoo is a very skillful lover and a real gentleman. Yellow tulip tattoo is a symbol of deceived feelings, hopes, the symbol of cheating.

This flower is not less popular as roses and lotuses. That’s why tulip tattoos are widely spread among tattoo lovers and all these tatts are splendid with a huge range of meanings in all possible styles.